Zinkwazi, while being a small and beautiful town on the Kwazulu-Natal North Coast, has a large variety of things to do either in the town or nearby. The following is a list of general information pertaining to Zinkwazi Beach and the local town.

General Supplies

Zinkwazi Café, which can be found at No. 1 Glen Drive, is the local convenience store which offers a large variety of basic and general groceries and a few luxuries.


The closest fuel station can be found in the nearby town of Darnell, which is open Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm. However fuel supplies here can be limited at times so be mindful of the fact. The next nearest fuel station is an UltraCity which can be found along the N2 in the direction of Stanger/Ballito, about 20km away from Zinkwazi.


During the holiday seasons one can pick up a variety of curious such as Zulu Baskets other and beach goods from the various vendors at the entrance to Zinkwazi.

Zinkwazi Junction

Zinkwazi Junction is the local shopping centre where one can find the Beading and Pottery Studio, Estate Agents, Convenience Store, Physiotherapist and Architects.


As is common along the whole of the Kwazulu-Natal North Coast, snakes can be found in and around Zinkwazi. Contact Jasper Pons on 032 485 3010 for assistance with Snakes.

Beaches & Swimming

Kwazulu-Natal North Coast offers some of the most fantastic, wonderful and un-spoilt beaches in this subtropical environment. With golden beaches, marvellous rock pools along with great opportunities for surfing, scuba diving and fishing, there is something for everyone!

Please note that not all beaches have lifeguards and shark nets and the Kwazulu-Natal coast line is well known for it’s dangerous currents, rip tides and occasional large waves.

The main Zinkwazi Beach, located at the end of Seagull drive, does however have shark nets and life guards as well as the stunning lagoon that Zinkwazi is famous for.

Other beaches in the area include:

  • Ballito Beach (Willards)
  • Umhlali Beach (Granny Pools, Tiffanys, Christmas Bay)
  • Thompson’s Bay
  • Shaka’s Rock
  • Tinley Manor Beach
  • Blythedale Beach

Some Emergency Numbers

  • Police: 032 551 8200 / 10111 / 032 946 2711 (Direct Line)
  • Alpha Security: 035 742 0555 / 082 655 5911 / 032 947 1735
  • G4S: 086 191 1032
  • Hospitals:
    • Stanger: 032 437 6000 (Provincial)
    • Ballito: Alberlito – 032 946 6700 (Private)
    • Umhlanga: 031 560 5500
  • Emergency Medical Rescue:
    • EMR: 032 552 3140 / 082 911
    • Ambulance: 10177
    • Breakdown: 073 244 0811
    • Fire: 032 551 3413